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Kids Hugs Are Healing

Kids' hugs are healing

Their voices are songs

Their cries enliven - see how they move me!

And the snot on their faces

May indeed be yucky and gross!!

But it is able to induce intense adoration

Just like all things mixed with cuteness

Ah! their eyes so wide with wonder

Their hearts so wide with love

So possible

So capable

So clumsy and toddling

So eager to squeeze

So willing to laugh

So mindful in play

So forgetful of time's constraints

With little feet they dance, dance free

And great kingdoms are let to be

When embraced by and embracing such as these.

Joseph E. Reed

April 3, 2018

I have discovered a renewed joy spending time with children. I could call it working with children, but really, it's best as play!

I am currently employed as a musician for the Georgia Learning and Tutoring Center daycare in Roswell (Northern Atlanta area). It's great! I get to come in and play my guitar, violin, piano, ukulele, and sing for the children and the staff. It provides a soothing, positive energy.

Sometimes, I'll just do soft instrumental background music while they are drawing of playing with clay or toys. Other times I'll rock out while they all show off their dancing skills on the carpet. (I've seen some pretty awesome dance skills actually!)

But one thing I like most is the HUGS! When I walk in with my guitar I hear "It's the Music Man!!!" Then several will run up to me and give my knee a great squeeze! "Hello Mr. Joseph!!" It's the coolest thing ever!

Their hugs and joy, even their tears and frustrations, melt my heart and remind me to relax and BE. To care. To love. To PLAY!

I am quite grateful for this opportunity. Kara Hines, the director is such a visionary for choosing to include the arts, music, and theater into the programs the daycare provides. I think, the more playing, the better!

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