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From Lessons, I Learned...

I am a retired teacher. But I retired early. Age 30. Since then, I've been back in and around the schools and education often; teaching in a variety of capacities. Public school, democratic school, Sudbury school, homeschooling groups, a daycare, camps, tutoring, and music lessons.

So, I guess I never really retired.

But I have shifted my pace.

And it has been wonderful to be able to slow down and remember the times - good, bad, and crazy - and to reflect on the lessons I've learned.

That's what this is. What I have learned from lessons (both given and received).

Some of it is dark. But certainly not all. I've learned that there is hope and beauty in every situation. And I've learned to be patient and grateful.

I am blessed.

Thank you for sharing my stories with me. I'm not sure how precise I'll be with names and scenes, but remembering is a great joy for me and I am glad to share the joy.

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