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Thank You, Inner Critic...

I have too many words.


That was my inner critic speaking.

Trying to keep me from doing this blog.

He's been successful for years.

Maybe trying to "protect" me.

The logic (fear based) goes like this I think:

You have too many words!

No one is going to want to read them all.

Don't waste their time…

And, more importantly, don't waste YOUR time,

(I mean our time…, or my time…)

Just stick with what you've been doing all along!

That's been working fine.

I'm comfortable with that.

(Aren't you!)

Well, Mr. Inner Critic…

Thank you for sharing!

Here are some truths I would like to share,

(if you care to listen).

  1. Yes, I have a lot of words.

  2. I love reading words.

  3. I delight in the "too many words" of other writers.

  4. Their words inspire me.

  5. I can't get enough sometimes!

  6. I know there's someone out there (probably another word lover) who WILL read my words. And maybe long for more of them!

  7. What I've been doing all along has been good. Writing and writing.

  8. But we are going to make a shift. A small shift.

  9. I'm going to share these words. These writings.

  10. And I'll do it little by little.

  11. I know I can make time for that.

So, come along for the journey.

I really think you'll enjoy this too!

Joseph E. Reed


August 2, 2022

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