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Just 10 Minutes

Just 10 minutes

I have been developing a useful habit.

One I should use more often.

I have chosen to limit my tasks to activities that can be done in a short, defined amount of time.

My go to time limit is 10 minutes.

I just used this method this morning.

I'm reading a great book by Chris Voss.

I've had the book on my shelf for at least a year. Usually sitting in a prominent "read me" place.

At one point I actually did give it a read. But that was rushed and superficial.

(I actually used my 10 minute timer to do that, so I consider it a success).

I needed to go more in depth. But I felt like I didn't have time.

I needed to make time.

So, once again I brought out the 10 minute timer. But this time, my goal wasn't to accomplish a goal (finish reading the book). This time I wanted to work on building the habit of reading regularly.

I set my timer for 10 minutes and I start reading.

Wow! I get so into the book. I feel like I have all the time in the world to go as deep as I want into the text. I'm engaged. I'm unrushed. I'm learning a lot!

How did this happen?

Some shift of mindset I suppose.

Whatever it is, it works!

I use my 10 minute timer to get me started. Then I trust it to let me know when to stop. (And it always does!)

And often I get into a flow state, too.

Really cool!

Try it!

Joseph E. Reed

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