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This is my theme song that plays for my alarm in the morning. Get's me up and on my way.

I wrote the song, Up, about a month after moving to Atlanta, GA from Colorado Springs, CO in 2009. It was a big transition! As you may know, starting over in a new place brings a variety of emotions. Being open to the possibilities kept me seeing my surroundings with fresh eyes. Things were happening!!

Before moving to Atlanta, I had gone through sort of a down time. I wasn't sure which direction I was being guided, but I knew I had to do something different. I finished up my final year teaching music at Mann Middle School and because of the changes going on, I felt confused, frustrated, lonely, and sometimes sad and depressed.

But I had help. I was (and still am) blessed with beautiful people to speak into my life; to see me, hear me, and encourage me. And God is always faithful.

I am glad I decided to take a big step and try more new things. Now, when I start getting complacent, lonely, and down, I remember my supportive loved ones, I sing this song, and I get up!

I invite you to take it also and make it your own! Click this link to download or stream Up!


Joseph E. Reed

October 4, 2009


Today is a special day

This is the day that the Lord has made

I rejoice and I am so glad

I'm not gonna worry about my past

I'm gonna get up and move on forward

Every work done as uto the Lord

I gotta get out and do all I can do

Cause there's no way of knowing how soon life is through


I'm up I gotta get up

Got a big day comin', gotta get on board

I got things to do and places to go and see

The coffee's brewin' but I don't mind

I'm just so excited to be livin' life

That I'm uuuup and ready to hit the streets

Cause there's a whole lot of people

That I am gonna meet

I gotta get up


It's time to get away

From the negativity and useless wastes

I'm gonna cut the TV

And go out and get fresh air

I'm ready for adventure

I'll look the world straight in the eyes and say

"I'm gonna make it if it's only by a wing and a prayer!"

Because I'm sure there's a whole lot of power there!



Now I'd been down for quite a while

Wasn't too sure how I'd get out

Of the slump of bein stuck down in a rut

With a little helf I decided

That I don't want life to pass me by

No more slums, I think I've had enough


Cause there's a whole lot of people that I am gonna meet

I'm gonna live life to the fullest you best believe

I'm gonna get up and be all I can be!

Yeah I gotta get up.

I'm gonna get up!

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